Whether you’re rocking a glam-chic look for your hen’s night, transforming into a prim and proper sweetheart for your bridal shower, or getting dolled up for your wedding day, flawless, long-lasting makeup is a must! April Davis speaks to Gail Wilton from Gail Wilton Makeup Artistry and discovers party-proofing your makeup is easier than you may think.


After almost 30 years in the industry, Wilton has built a solid reputation and made a name for herself with some of Perth’s leading media outlets.

“I started off doing wedding makeup, and this is still one of my favourite parts of my business. I also work for Channel 9 Perth doing hair and makeup for [the] presenters. I’m there at the crack of dawn Monday to Friday mornings making up Tracy Vo for Today Perth News. I also do shoots for New Idea, Woman’s Day and Australian Woman’s Weekly, [as well as] work for the announcers on Nova 93.7,” she says.

Despite her busy career, however, Wilton’s primary focus is still making sure her brides are treated like royalty.

“When it comes to doing weddings, I like to make sure my brides have the full service. This includes having a trial, so the look is determined before the day. I also [work with] a team of top hair and makeup artists to ensure my brides [can take comfort knowing] nothing will go wrong on their wedding day. I strive to be as much help as I can be to my clients, so they can feel looked after, and have some extra support.”

Your wedding day is supposed to be spent with loved ones, not stuck in the bathroom fixing your makeup. Here, Wilton reveals some of her most coveted secrets, so you don’t have to forego fun in favour of touch-ups.

Wedding and Birde Expo Perth beauty and wellbeing


Proper preparation, the right products and professional application are all essential for achieving a beautiful, long-lasting bridal look.

“To achieve flawless natural makeup you need to have the right products applied in the correct way. Attention to detail is important, [and] well prepped skin is a must! I like to have the trial done well in advance, so if my client has any skin concerns I can help her address them with enough time before the wedding for optimum results,” says Wilton.

“Foundation can be dewy, matte, luminous or barely there – all [of which are] achievable looks. Fake tans must be tested a few weeks before to ensure it looks natural and doesn’t react to the skin, [and] the foundation must be colour-matched [to ensure] the makeup blends with the tan. Skin types [also] need to be assessed, [to make sure] the correct primer and moisturiser [are used].

Your blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lip colour and eyebrow makeup will also be chosen during the trial. A makeup trial is a fun way to test out your look and ensure you won’t have any blunders on the day, and is essential for achieving a picture-perfect look. 



Thanks to the internet, many brides-to-be find themselves inundated with contradictory wedding makeup tips. To clear up the confusion, Wilton outlines exactly what you should and shouldn’t do in the lead up to and on your wedding day.

“First, definitely don’t use hairspray on your face. It’s a resin and could produce disastrous results. I use a great setting spray that helps the makeup last extra-long, and secondly, I can provide a touch-up kit for the bridal party, including the men. Don’t panic! I just provide the blotting papers to [fend] off shine on the groomsmen. They often get very shiny on a warm day,” she says.

According to Wilton, the best way to guarantee results is to look after yourself in the days, weeks and months before your big day.

“My best tip to brides for their wedding day is to get plenty of sleep leading up to the wedding. Have some facials in the months prior as well – even just ‘do it yourself’ facials. Moisturise [your] skin daily [and] use eye cream. Avoid too much alcohol and test out any fake tans in advance, so you’re not left with a bad tan on the wedding day.”

She also explains the importance of facial waxing or threading being done a few days prior to the wedding, and to stay out of the sun! The last thing you want on your wedding day is nasty sunburn that’s difficult to cover up.


To ensure your bridal look is flawless as well as long-lasting, make sure you steer clear of these common beauty blunders.

“The biggest beauty mistakes some brides make is to go too dark on their tan, or choosing makeup that’s too heavy. [This] may look great in Instagram photos but doesn’t translate well onto a ‘real’ face. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a glamorous look, it just means it has to be done right,” Wilton says.

Following unsuitable trends is another beauty faux pas that Wilton has black listed.

“The other mistake often made is to go for the latest trend called ‘strobing’ [or] ‘luminescing’, which can make the skin appear greasy [and] shiny, [which hinders your chances of achieving] a lovely radiant finish. Some makeup artists even apply this shimmer to the tip of the nose, which makes the nose look bulbous and shiny.”

Wedding and Birde Expo Perth beauty and wellbeing

Wilton’s biggest beauty tip, however, is to flash your pearly whites.

“The best beauty tip for any woman is to smile.”

A knowledgeable makeup artist, careful planning, and an excellent arsenal of products will help put you on track to achieving a beautiful bridal look that will last long after dessert is served.