2022 Perth Bridal Fashion Outlook


A new year brings with it new possibilities and new fashion trends. As we move towards another lap around the sun, Western Australia Wedding & Bride Summer Expo looks towards the bridal fashion trends that we can expect to see next year. As we continue to stride towards opening up and reinstating a sense of normality, 2022’s trends seek to buck the trend by embracing exciting and daring new looks.

Wedding and Bride Perth Expo Bridal Fashion Outlook


No longer constrained by tradition, the modern bride is blessed with options not available to her predecessors. Embracing the choices offered, brides can enjoy a wide array of coloured gowns to commemorate such a momentous occasion. Though coloured dresses have been a popular option for a while now, we can expect to see a resurgence in popularity of coloured gowns with the appearance of some exciting new colours.

Leading this trend, world-famous designers such as Andrew Kwon and Francesca Avila have paved the way for bold, bright and beautiful colours that seek to challenge tradition, embrace individuality and fuel innovation within bridalwear. Speaking to this, blush will remain an ever-popular colour choice for those seeking to break from the traditional white gown. Classic shades champagne and ginger can be expected to follow closely behind. But perhaps more surprisingly, sophisticated tones of pistachio, lavender, lemon and sky blue will also make an appearance.

For those not seeking a block of colour, delicate patterns that embrace colour will also be a popular choice. The 2018 MET Gala’s renaissance theme’s influence on fashion trends can still be found today with soft colours and intricate patterns also a popular choice. What’s more, the addition of delicate lace and other carefully considered detailing can break up the monotony of a single shade by adding interest through contrast.



As fashion continues to advance, more daring styles continue to push the boundaries of what’s accepted. While matching two piece sets have remained in circulation for some time now, this gorgeous trend has not been adopted as readily by bridal fashion. Wanting to break loose from rigid restrictions, Wedding & Bride Expo predicts that two piece bridal ensembles will make a welcome appearance in 2022 and will be a popular choice for the fashion-conscious bride.


Breaking from tradition is one of the biggest drivers from innovation, and we love to see women embracing their confidence and seeking looks that break from tradition and challenge notions of classic fashion principles. Jumpsuits can be an excellent way to embrace your femininity and masculinity and can be styled in a variety of ways to highlight whichever aspect you please.

Sleek, stylish and sophisticated a jumpsuit is a look that we can’t get enough of. Whether you are opting for a simple streamlined look or a jumpsuit adorned with details, this wonderful one-piece ensemble is effortlessly versatile and can be adapted to suit your personality. Though a relatively new addition to female fashion’s arsenal, jumpsuits are a timeless look that will age gracefully.



Tulle has remained a material close to bridal fashion designers’ hearts for centuries and for good reason. Light, flowy and with the ability to be layered without being bulky, tulle can be used to create interest in a variety of ways. Whether you are seeking romantic sleeves or a statement skirt, tulle will not disappoint. The romantic look is one that never goes out of style and we predict that soft layers and ruffles inspired by ever-so-graceful ballerinas will be a strong fashion trend that we can expect to see in 2022.

Think tiered skirts, ribbons, and voluminous tutus, these additions will add volume and their light nature will catch the light so that you can embrace an ethereal, sent-from-heaven look.  Ruffles are undeniably versatile and present a lot of exciting possibilities for the modern bride to incorporate into her bridal look.

Wedding and Bride Perth Expo Bridal Fashion Outlook
Wedding and Bride Perth Expo Bridal Fashion Outlook


Sitting on the opposite end of the scale to the dramatic ruffles, sleek and streamlined looks are one that remain timeless. In 2022 we can expect to see relaxed looks making more of an appearance. From effortlessly cool slip dresses to ‘Grace Kelly’ inspired gowns, embracing a simple look can make a bold statement. In this instance, seek out high-quality materials such as silk and satin that will look polished without needing the fanfare of any additional detailing.



Ever-so feminine, corset bodices have remained a popular choice for brides over the past few years. Sultry bustier tops with exposed boning is on track to be one of the biggest bridal fashion trends of 2022. Corsets have the added benefit of providing unrivalled support and embracing the corset as something fashionable rather than merely functional has sparked exciting looks that add interest.

Here to stay, corsets’ popularity can be attributed to their unfaltering ability to accentuate a bride’s figure while still paying homage to traditional silhouettes. From exposed corsets on ball gowns to lustrous looks featuring pleating, cutouts and more, we’re loving the versatility and sexy sophistication corsets offer brides.