While classic, matching black tuxedos will always be in fashion, grooms and their groomsmen are becoming more and more creative with their wedding day outfits. Regardless of whether you choose a formal look, or go for a more casual vibe, the most important thing is that your groom and his groomsmen look put-together. Kate Fitzgerald discovers some of the best ways to make your groomsmen match.


As the bride, on your special day all eyes will naturally be on you, but this doesn’t mean the outfits your groom and his men wear should be an afterthought. Today, men can show personality through their wedding day fashion, and the days where their only option was a tuxedo or a morning suit are long gone. Although nobody wants your groom and his groomsmen to look like clones, they should look cohesive and put together. The trick to a suave matching wedding party is in the finer details, and the subtle use of accessories to put it all together is the way to go.


If your husband-to-be is a traditional type of guy, there’s no better way to achieve a polished look than with a classic suit ensemble, after all, a suit doesn’t have to be boring, and there are myriad ways to make one work for your groom. The traditional suit is a fool-proof way to achieve timeless elegance. Just as with bride and bridesmaid fashion, you need to consider how you will feel looking back at photos of the groom and his groomsmen in 20 years’ time. The last thing you’ll want to do is look back and cringe!

For grooms who want to look refined on their wedding day, there has recently been an increase in demand for three-piece suits. Men have increasingly been reaching for the vest to smarten up their look, and the waistcoat has proven to be the perfect wedding attire addition. Able to be dressed up or down, it adds a degree of sophistication to any outfit. A vest can be very dapper when worn under a jacket, and adds a little extra warmth for a winter wedding. When worn as part of a classic and timeless colour scheme, it will also smarten up a shirt if a jacket is too formal for your man, while being a cooler option if your wedding will be held during the summer months.

Always remember that a simple and classic suit will never date. A black or charcoal shade will bring, while a navy suit dressed up with matching vest and brown shoes, paired with a medium-width tie and a tie bar will always look stylish. If your groom has chosen a suit, why not go for a lighter or darker shade from the same designer for his groomsmen to subtly match?

If a suit fits the aesthetic you are going for, it pays to have a chat to your supplier about the width of your groom’s lapel. A narrow lapel gives off a sleek, modern look, while a wider lapel is seen as more traditional.

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The recent popularity of informal vineyard or beach weddings has led to a spike in demand for a relaxed approach to men’s wedding fashion, and men are becoming more and more receptive to new trends from overseas. If this sounds more up your street, a popular current trend for the more laid-back wedding is for a relaxed sport jacket paired with cotton chinos in a contrasting colour, and accessorised with a pocket square and a brown shoe. The key to a great casual wedding look is to make sure your groom and his groomsmen look polished. Make sure everyone’s shirts are tucked in and any denim is kept balanced with matching or complementary accessories!


When it comes to using accessories to bring the guys’ outfits together, the possibilities are endless. Neckwear remains the most popular wedding accessory for men, but you can also use pocket squares, tie-bars, vests or cufflinks to add individuality. Just remember that less is more, and any accessories should accentuate, not overpower the clothing. When matching the groomsmen up to your groom, make sure he remains the focal-point. The groomsmen could wear a different colour tie or handkerchief that still matches the pattern of the groom for a subtle touch. In a fun twist, cufflinks are also often being used as a memento gift from grooms to their groomsmen.

Also, matching the groom’s buttonhole to his groomsmen is an elegant and classy way to ensure continuity. A unique way to do this is by requesting full blooms for your groom’s buttonhole, while his groomsmen should wear buds of the same flower.


Does your wedding have a colour theme? If it does, you can play up the hue you’ve chosen and use it to accentuate your groom and groomsmen’s outfits. If you are going with a particular accent colour, avoid using too many shades to ensure your groom’s attire doesn’t look too busy. You could take the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses and disperse it throughout the groomsmen’s accessories for a look that is classic yet modern.


Whichever style your groom and his groomsmen opt for, make sure it reflects their personality and fits in with the rest of your wedding. If you are wearing a formal gown, go with a suiting option. Alternatively, if your dress is whimsical or vintage, a more relaxed style will work best. Most importantly, make sure your groom is comfortable with his choice. He will be looking at photos of your wedding for years to come, so he should take pride in both his own and his groomsmen’s appearance on the day.