Planning your hens day can be a huge undertaking, but tailoring your activities to the season in which your wedding will take place can help narrow down the options. Here, Emma Phillips explores the best summer and winter hens party trends that are sure to please every bride-to-be.

Your hens night is the perfect excuse to wind down and let loose before your wedding day. Customising your event to suit the weather is key to achieving the perfect bachelorette party that you’ll remember for years to come.



A summertime bachelorette party gives you the perfect excuse to stay out all night with friends and explore everything the city has to offer. Take advantage of the beautiful summer weather by camping like a queen atop luxurious rooftops, or enjoying bottomless amounts of food and drink at trendy upscale restaurants.

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Luxe Glamping

From lavish ‘glampsites’ set on inner city rooftops, to stunning canvas tents overlooking the ocean, glamping is the go-to summer hens day event for all brides-to-be. With queen-size beds, fresh linen and electricity, it’s easy to see how so many people have been converted to the outdoorsy types. You can book out the entire glampsite for an exclusive hens party or for a small and intimate gathering for your closest friends. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with this unique experience.

Bottomless Brunch

Brunch is a time-old tradition in many social circles, and it just got even better. Bottomless brunches are popping up in every major city across Australia. If you routinely schedule in a Sunday snack with your girlfriends, a bottomless brunch hens party will be the best way to kickstart your day. Venues are offering a variety of drink and food combinations, so you’ll need to research which is the best fit for you. From mimosas and Aperol Spritzes, to Asian tapas and Vietnamese rice noodles, there’s a bottomless brunch for all occasions.

River Crusing

A private chartered river cruise is the perfect activity for your summer hens day. You can book a cruise that is fully catered for, or select one that allows you to bring your own supplies. Some river cruises also offer the unique experience of cocktail-making classes, which is a delicious treat for your guests. Floating down the Yarra River on a fresh summer’s day, or warm summer’s night, while sipping on champagne is an ideal way to farewell your single days. If you’re looking to add a little extra flair to your event, then consider booking topless waiters to serve your cocktails and canapés.

Glorious Garden Party

In recent years, there has been a shift in the classic garden party for hens days; what was once considered a classy and refined event has now been adapted to suit the modern-day bride-to-be. With flowing champagne, delectable desserts and endless theme options, more brides are choosing to have a garden party for their summer event. All the Audrey Hepburn admirers are dying to host a Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired affair, while the Tim Burton fans are itching to explore the Alice in Wonderland avenue. With so many colour schemes and themes available, it’s a fun and quirky option for your hens day.


While a winter bachelorette party may not sound ideal, it can be one of the best bonding experiences you’ll have with your close friends and family. A winter hens party allows you to cosy up and gossip with friends on a mountainside retreat or express your appreciation for one another over a glass of pinot noir. What more could you want?

Luxury Weekend Resort

Booking a weekend away at a luxurious spa is a classy and timeless hens party idea. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind before the big day, and it’s something all guests can enjoy. If you have a mixed age group to accommodate for, a spa retreat is ideal. All pampering packages can be tailored to each guest, while still affording everyone the opportunity to spend time with the bride-to-be. If you’re looking to do something a little different, then consider booking a retreat that includes makeup and manicure classes.

Private Wine Tour

A unique cellar door experience is a guaranteed success for your hens day. With an abundance of food, wine and beautiful scenery, this will be one experience you won’t forget. You can book a private wine tour for a small and intimate affair, or hire a function room to cater for a large group of guests. If you’d like to visit multiple wineries and create an energetic atmosphere, hiring a party bus is a great option. This will allow your guests to indulge in the winery’s many vintages, while also ensuring everyone arrives safely. A private wine tour may also give you the option to select a winery with an indoor wine cellar and restaurant, so you can enjoy a few glasses of vino over lunch or dinner. If you’re travelling hours to your destination, you may even consider turning your tour into a weekend getaway!

perth wedding and bride expo hens party

Gold Class Cinema Experience

If you’re a movie buff, then hiring out a Gold Class-style cinema for your entire bridal party is the perfect way to spend a winter’s night. With full bottle and food service available, you can spoil your guests with endless amounts of champagne, sumptuous sliders and butter popcorn. A great activity for the low-key bride-to-be, it’s also ideal for those wanting to hit the town afterwards.

Girls’ Mountainside Getaway

After tirelessly planning your wedding, a weekend away with your closest friends is exactly what you’ll need. With chilly winter nights creeping in, there’s nothing better than sitting in a luxurious mountainside suite with a roaring fire and a glass of wine. The cold weather means an indoor slumber party with terrible karaoke and bad dance moves is essential. You may even consider renting a house for the weekend so you can bring the whole bridal party! This is a perfect way to enjoy a night in with good friends, delicious food and plenty of relaxing before the big day.


It’s important to consider the season in which your wedding will take place when planning your hens day. If you’re having a winter wedding, indoor activities may be more realistic and enjoyable for you and your guests. However, if you’re planning your nuptials in summer, you may want to take advantage of the city’s rooftop bars or indulge in weekend trips away. As long as it’s something you’ll enjoy, the rest of your guests are sure to have a great time too!