A MOMENT WITH: Kerry-Anne De Klerk


Jermaine Clark Melbourne celebrant multi-denominational caring experienced

How did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?

I’ve always loved imagery, but I can’t draw to save myself! When I was pregnant with my first child, I bought my first DSLR and ever since then I haven’t stopped taking photos.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves, and what you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? Don’t make me laugh! I feel I don’t get much of it at all, as I spend it all editing my images, which I love doing. But I also enjoy some downtime in front of Netflix eating Twisties, going to the gym, and being a school mum. As a family, we enjoy camping with our dog and chilling out.

What is your favourite part about your work? 

Sharing experiences with clients, I love watching them relive that special day again with the images I’ve taken for them.

What do you do to prepare for each wedding?

For me, it starts with my first contact with the couple and includes supporting their timeline, potentially taking an engagement shoot, and canvasing their locations to use on the day. A couple of days beforehand, I start looking at the weather and packing things in the car I might need, like blankets, umbrellas, charging batteries. I also make a shoot list of must-do images and some ideas for others.

Are there any ceremonies you have been a part of that been particularly special to you? Can you tell us about it?

Yes…I’m still in love with Celeste and Thibault’s wedding, which I flew to Beziers in the south of France to be part of it all. Their ceremony was performed in the local town centre by the Major, and at the end of the ceremony the couple were showered with confetti guns and champagne by their 70 guests. To witness both Australian and French traditions merged together was brilliant. 

Is there anything exciting or new happening for your business this year?

After travelling to France, Spain and the Netherlands last year, this year I’m going to regroup my services and restyle my packages and presentation to clients, as well as look into new print and wall art alternatives.

What is your advice for couples getting married?

Ensure that you’re comfortable with your photographer as this will be reflected in your images. Also, don’t hesitate with getting your album made straight away or prints on the wall.

What are you excited about for the expo?

I’m excited to meet some new faces and catch up with some familiar ones. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the new trends for the upcoming season!