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Your wedding day is the ultimate chance to step out of your comfort zone and dress up, and what better way to incorporate some glitz and glam into your ensemble than a few sparkly accessories? Here Western Australia Wedding & Bride’s Kirrily Ireland explores how brides who love a bit of sparkle can seamlessly tie this into their wedding day look in a deliberate and tasteful way.


Hair accessories are all the rage for brides, and have been for many a century, with soft, billowy veils springing to mind. But in a contemporary era, traditional styles have stepped aside as people embrace new trends – including the western world’s devotion to all things sparkle.

Much like the tiara that graces the head of a princess, there are many options available today to make a bride feel just as royal. From headbands to hair combs and even tiaras, bridal hair accessories are all about the intricate embellishments, featuring gemstones and crystals. A touch of sparkle can work with a variety of wedding themes too, whether you plan to rock a boho chic vibe, explore the past with some vintage styling, or want to keep it more traditional.

Sparkly accessories can get a bad rap for appearing theatrical or cheap, but needn’t be the case. Creators on Etsy and other retailers offer a range of delicate and refined pieces. Hair vines and light chains adorned with shiny beading and rhinestones can be woven into an elegant updo, exuding class, or rest on free-flowing waves to achieve true boho brilliance. If you’re keen to dish out on some genuine crystals, all the better, but there’s no need to blow the budget in order to get the look.

If hair accessories aren’t your thing but you’d still like to employ some sparkle to frame your face, consider a dazzling pair of earrings. An extravagant statement pair can really steal the show, with gaudy gems that catch the light, but even simple diamond studs can do the trick.


Your ‘something sparkling’ need not merely frame your face. For the truly devoted lovers of shimmer, consider enhancing your eyes, skin and nails with this dazzling effect. Thanks to the innovative world of cosmetics, this can easily be achieved.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and if that’s the case, why not dress them up in a shimmery eyeshadow to capture the attention of your wife- or husband-to-be? This is very versatile, with the ability to cover the entire eyelid for full glam, or in the inner corners for just a subtle hint of sparkle. The best part is, you can work with almost any colour to suit the rest of your makeup and wedding theme, whether it’s a sophisticated silver, glamourous gold or pretty pink. If you really want to the shimmer to pop, be sure to use an eye primer to help the glitter or eyeshadow stick and last the festivities.

For an even more subtle look, try a sparkly eyeliner – the perfect complement to a smoky eye or neutral palette. The same applies to a shimmery lip-gloss or highlighter – you don’t have to go big to go sparkly. Of course, if you do want to go big, speak to your makeup artist about adding a few stick-on diamantes to finish off your eyes, even if it’s just a few along the eyeline or outer crease. If you prefer a subtle, all-over glow, a light-infusing, glowing primer underneath your makeup will not only enhance its longevity, but ensure you look radiantly lit from within.

A festival-style wedding might call for a little more glitter – and not just on the face. The free-spirited bride can experiment with body glitter and other shimmery lotions along the arms and across the décolletage. Under the glistening sun for a romantic outdoor ceremony, or beneath the swirling lights of a disco ball on the dance floor, you’ll be sure to shine.

Every bride is partial to a manicure before the big day, creating another perfect opportunity to include some sparkle. Discuss with your manicurist about adding a crystal effect over a bridal white polish, or choose just one finger per hand to showcase a glittery varnish or acrylic nail if you’re worried about going overboard. After all, you don’t want to outshine the diamond on your ring!



The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy Gale may have pulled off the sparkling red shoes first, but modern brides can learn a lot from these iconic heels; a little twinkle on the toes can be absolutely magical, adding a glimmer of light with each step.

Luckily, a little twinkle isn’t hard to find these days. Bridal shoes come in varying degrees of sparkle, from fine glitter to full rhinestones and everything in between. If you’re searching for something to complement your traditional ensemble, a nude block heel with subtle sparkles or a plain stiletto with a crystal-lined ankle strap is the way to go. If you’re feeling fun and flirty, pick an elegant satin heel with a fabulous sparkly bow on the back. These are clever and discreet ways of incorporating sparkle without going over-the-top; a long bridal gown will cover your glittering footwear, which can then make occasional appearances at your discretion.

Between walking down the aisle, roaming the venue for the perfect photo opportunity, and dancing the night away at the reception, some brides might lean towards a pair of sneakers over heels. There’s nothing like a wash of glitter to elevate this choice to full bridal glamour, allowing you to be both comfortable and festive.

When it comes to adding a sparkly touch to your special day, there’s truly something for everyone, whether it’s a little light in your locks, a glow on your skin or glitter on your dancing gear!

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