Preserve Your Wedding Dress

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Written by Bhria Vellnagel

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

While wedding dresses used to be preserved and stored as a hand-me-down for future generations, wedding gown preservation has been transformed in recent years into an entire industry in itself. Whether you’ve chosen to hang onto your bridal gown because of its sentimentality, or simply because you spent a lot of money on it and want to display it like a work of art, they’ll be a service available for you to deliver whatever you desire! Read on to discover some options to help you immaculately preserve your wedding dress.

Highway Drycleaners

This company excels at dry cleaning wedding dresses and is the only accredited member of the International Association of Wedding Gown Specialists in Perth! Once the big day is over, not only will your beloved wedding gown have potential stains, but it will also need all of the impurities removed from the fabric if you want it to last for decades. That’s where the Highway Drycleaners come in. The experts will clean your wedding dress with the most advanced technology available, while the non-toxic Green Earth dry cleaning solvents will leave your bridal gown completely clean and ready for storage.

Wedding Dress Specialists

If you want your bridal dress to be professionally stored in an immaculate box, then the Wedding Dress Specialists’ easy four-step online wedding dress preservation services are for you. Providing its expert services throughout Australia, the wedding dress preservation company has made a name for itself in the wedding industry for the easiest wedding dress preservation business available. You can rest assured when handing over your beloved bridal gown to this unique business, as they perform all dry cleaning and boxing in house. For more information, be sure to check out their easy-to-navigate website.

Dress In A Box

If you’ve fallen in love with your wedding dress and want to be able to admire it every day, then you’ll need to use a fantastic service like Dress In A Box. The unique company immaculately sets out your bridal dress safely behind glass surrounded by a silver or white frame, turning your wedding dress into a beautiful piece of art to display in your home!