If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. The beauty of film is that it provides depth in ways an image cannot. Videography immortalises the treasured moments that then become beloved memories and can perfectly complement still shots to provide an all-encompassing keepsake of one of the most significant days of your life. Western Australia Wedding & Bride’s Emma Warner Allen catches up with Mitchell Yeats, owner and creative director at Limbo Images, to explore how videographers can help capture and preserve such a cherished day.

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Photographs have remained a cherished possession that are revisited and celebrated with friends and loved ones throughout the ages. Conjuring memories, encapsulating raw emotions, and offering a unique glimpse into a moment stolen by the passage of time, photographs allow us to reminisce on a time gone by. Though treasured, photography captures fleeting moments; like grains of sand falling through a clasped hand, you may be left with some precious instances, but the majority have slipped away.

Videography captures the moving image, it’s expressions of love and exchanges of endearment between loves ones – the tears shared. It’s the couple’s first look as their eyes meet across the room, it’s the parting expression as the father slips his arm away from his daughter after the walk down the aisle. For Mitch Yeats, whose twelve-plus years of filmmaking have led him to capture countless weddings, it’s the joy he can bring to couples and the creativity he is able to unleash, that is perhaps what is most rewarding. All these precious memories are brought to life by video in a way photography is not able to.

 “Fortunately, videography has the benefit of utilising a few extra tools to relay the emotion and atmosphere of a wedding,” Yeats highlights, explaining the differences between photography and videography. Video is not only visual, but it is also audible as well as story driven. “We get to use the words spoken in vows and speeches. We get to use a mixture of amazing music tracks to complement what you see and lift that emotion. We also get to piece together a narrative of a couple’s story,” he further notes. “But it’s in the way the story unfolds through the progression of the video and the combining of the elements … that brings it all home.”


One of the reasons why videos have remained an enduring choice for couples wishing to immortalise one of life’s most special days, is that it does just that. Being able to observe your love story unfold through the eyes of a beholder provides a unique intimacy that you are not able to witness first-hand. In order to encapsulate this, it is important that you feel comfortable around your chosen wedding videographer to allow for a more candid and authentic representation of you and your partner. “You’ll be spending a very important day with them, so it is so important that you are on the same page and totally get along,” Yeats agrees. Similar to dating in a modern age, “First instinct and impressions will come from their online profiles, but like anyone, it’s still better to meet in person,” the video expert explains. “If you find them genuine, kind, professional and their videos look great, then you’re onto a winner!”
On a day already fraught with excitement and, naturally, a little trepidation, selecting a videographer that can help you lean into the atmosphere and forget your worries is immensely beneficial – not only for your nerves but also when capturing footage. Therefore, it is crucial that you find a videographer that will aid this process rather than exacerbate it. “Our priority should be to keep the bride and groom as happy as can be. Anytime we feel they may be getting stressed out or overwhelmed we’ll take a break, or grab a drink, and reassure them that the footage is looking amazing and that they are doing great. It’s a wedding after all and they should always be fun!” Yeats affirms.


Another crucial element to consider is ultimately what you would like to achieve with your wedding video. Are you seeking a cinematic marvel that could rival Hollywood’s latest romance movie, or an intimate narrative highlight that cherry picks the best and most romantic moments? “Whether it’s the handheld energetic music video style, the slow romantic tearjerker style, or the graceful cinematic style, couples will have their preference in wedding video,” the professional attests. “Your videographer will best recommend what they think and then all you have to do is ask. Most videographers are flexible in their package types, so don’t be afraid to ask!” Yeats’ personal style is something he has honed and crafted over many years. “My style comes through mostly in the cinematic shots we aim for. More specifically, we use techniques such as long sweeping Steadicam shots, slo-motion shots where appropriate, a cinema aspect ratio of 2.35×1, a very specific style of colour grading and use a variety of lenses with very deep depth of field.”

For those wanting to set the scene and soak in the atmosphere, including the gorgeous surrounds, consider including drone footage. “Drones are amazing for capturing those grand moments,” Yeats affirms. “Usually, it can show you how amazing a location looks from above, like a beautiful winery at sunset, or a beachside ceremony on an island beach.”  Though the expert cautions that drones can’t capture the special, intimate moments the couple is having, so switching up the style is always advisable. “It’s always great to have a batman belt full of camera tricks and tools, but you just have to know when to whip them out!”

As for how a videographer selects the very best footage from the day, it starts by capturing as much footage as possible. “We don’t want our couples missing out on anything, so we will keep the maximum amount of footage that we can,” Yeats says. While he notes that the wedding vows, speeches and first dance are almost always included in the video, things such as “the spoken words from the bride to the groom” or an “anecdote from the father of the groom” can add an incredibly personal touch to the video. “As long as we have our cameras in hand, we like to think we are ready for anything.”

Regardless of what style you choose, you should feel happy and comfortable walking into your wedding day knowing that your hired professional will be best equipped to capture all the special moments and everything in-between, and magically weave them together to create a timeless and treasured keepsake to enjoy for years to come.

Images courtesy of Limbo Images