Though often overshadowed by the main event, your hens night celebration is still one to be eternally treasured. While notions of a wild night of drunken debauchery still prevail within society, brides-to-be are more commonly breaking away from tradition with a focus on the festivity symbolising a celebration of your nearest and dearest friends before you wed. Photo booths are an excellent option for hens nights, as they not only serve as a fun activity that will immortalise the occasion for years to come, but as a space replete with special, intimate moments. Here, Emma Warner Allen discusses how you can utilise a photo booth on your hens night to ensure the fun lives on in more than just your memories with owners of JustForKiKs Photo Booths, Greg Wahlsten and Janine Haines.

 Many will have fond memories of crowding into a photo booth after a few drinks with friends, props in hand, smiles at the helm. And the novelty of a photo booth never seems to wear off. Perhaps the cherry on top of an already irresistibly sweet cake, all photo booths, by nature, allow you to take home a keepsake with you, which allows the fun to linger long after the sweetness has faded.

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Photos have long remained a century-long cherished possession of humankind, with their unique ability to capture a specific moment and place and keep it locked in time forever. While our memories may fade, photos preserve these memories for the ages, allowing us to reminisce and rekindle the emotions felt at that time. Photo booths boast all those benefits while also promoting a fun atmosphere through the inclusion of props, unique lighting and varying settings. Photo booths remain an exciting option for whatever event you are hosting. “A photo booth captures the vibe and feel of the day and night celebration!” the pair explain.

While the excitement of a photo booth never disappoints those familiar with it and those not, the photo booth experts do note that “in many ways it is still a new concept to many people”, and it is for those people that it is very exciting to find out what a photo booth is, and what it entails. Photo booths promote a more authentic representation of you and your friends as you can act naturally without feeling uncomfortable around the presence of a photographer. With the JustForKiKs team affirming that “it has become a ‘must’ for most events now”. “Photobooths offer a fun and more natural way to capture the event. The guest book is the icing on the cake, and we do believe the physical instant print the guest receives is the ultimate keepsake to offer your guests.” To ensure that your hens night remains a beloved memory by all who attended, consider the photobooth is present at your party.


The technology used in photo booths has made huge advancements since their initial debut, with many of the booths sleek and streamlined for a more immersive experience. JustforKiKs offers its clients a range of different options to suit whatever function, the options including: “Ollie the Vintage Caravan Photo Booth, The Bell Tent Photo Booth complete with alfresco and giant game, The Outdoor Booth, the Classic Enclosed and the Open Air Booths.”

Not only are there a range of different photo booths available, but the photos provided can also be customised with a large range of templates and backgrounds, meaning that you can customise your images to fit with your hens night theme, if you have one. Additionally, supporting your theme, JustforKiKs offers an extensive range of eye-catching props, ensuring spirits stay high. “We have thousands of designs on our photo template catalogue on our website to choose from, and as I love a theme, I have themed props galore!” Haines affirms. The pair note that the favourite styles are typically always the large, blingy glasses and the bejewelled cowboy hats as they add a touch of frivolity to a celebratory day brimming with love.

Whether you are seeking an indoor or outdoor celebration, a quality photo booth company such as JustforKiKs will cater to this without a problem. For those seeking to indulge in their nostalgia, “the classic enclosed [photobooth] has a very traditional feel” and is a great option when your guests are a bit more private. “The giggles that we hear coming from behind the curtain of the classic enclosed make our night,” the pair assert. On the other hand, for those who prefer the room to spread out and strut their stuff, “the open air is fabulous for those who love to pose and heave heaps of fun in view of the other guests”, not to mention fitting more people in the photo.


While your hens celebration will surely be an unforgettable event, why not guarantee it cannot be forgotten? Photo booths offer a printout of your image instantaneously, allowing you to keep the images taken on the day – the perfect size to store in a wallet, or by a desk for easy reminiscing. “We offer unlimited prints and a spare for the guest book always,” the pair affirm. Once the party’s over, brides-to-be will get a guest book that they can keep, one that includes all the photos taken during the event.

For those individual photos, there are a range of different options available, including photo walls, which the pair think always make an alluring visual statement. With “pegs and a line in a frame” being a rustic favourite for many, including Haines. Other creative ways to display these include turning them into fridge magnets, posters, or even a phone case – the possibilities are endless!

Regardless of your activity of choice for your hens night, including a photo booth is a sure fire way to liven up the party and provide treasured mementos for all your guests. Be sure to speak with the professionals to see how they can tailor their services to suit your event, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch!

Image courtesy of JustForKiKs Photo Booths