Wedding guests will often travel far and wide, purchase new outfits and spend hours looking their very best, and if they’re part of your bridal party, they’ll often also go above and beyond to ensure that your special day is everything you dreamed it to be. Having your loved ones by your side as you begin the next stage of your life will make your day so much more magical, and by gifting them a small token of thanks you can share this magic with your friends and family, and let them know how much you appreciate having them there. Katie Livingston sought the sage advice of Amanda Dwyer, owner of Chocolate Lily, about the endless versatility of chocolate bomboniere and how, with a little customisation, this tasty treat can become a personalised favour that everyone will appreciate.

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Let Them Eat Chocolate

Whilst there is nothing wrong with the traditional five sugared almonds, for couples wanting to give something a bit more personal, these sugared almonds don’t leave much wiggle room for creativity and in terms of taste, they’re probably not going to satisfy everyone. As more and more couples are steering away from the confines of tradition and are seeking more heartfelt alternatives for their wedding favours, the flexibility and creative potential of chocolate bomboniere is winning the hearts, and tastebuds, of newlyweds everywhere. Dwyer affirms this, explaining that wedding favours have become “much more unique and creative to be a true reflection of a couple and their personalities”. “Due to chocolate being loved by almost everyone, it’s a very popular choice,” the expert adds. Dwyer further notes that when opting for bespoke chocolate favours “there really is no need to add anything else. It’s such a personal, thoughtful gift, thanking the guest for sharing in your special day with something that they can both enjoy – the delicious chocolate – and keep the super stylish and personalised wrapper.”

Sweet Talk

But taste aside, the true potential of chocolate bomboniere lies in the packaging. As Dwyer puts it, “couples can truly provide a unique and personal thank you for their friends and family with their own heartfelt message and design to reflect themselves on their wedding day.” The sky really is the limit with packaging options, as theoretically any design you like can be printed onto the wrapper. Perhaps you and your partner have a shared interest that you’d like to depict, or maybe an image that tells the story of how you met. There is also potential to portray if your wedding has a theme, or specific colour scheme. This way matching your favours to the décor is no hassle at all.

“We [also] offer an incredible range of papers,” Dwyer attests. “Anything from shimmery designer paper to a wrapper made from a handmade press … the options are endless. A recent gorgeous couple chose to have a background image of a bicycle under a willow tree with their initials in a beautiful cursive font printed on their chocolate wrappers, because that’s how he proposed to his bride.”

Treat Them Right

If you really want to show your guests your appreciation, a personal touch – such as adding their own names on the wrapper – can really take your favours to the next level, and Dwyer recommends steering away from the formalities and using the names you normally call your guests by. “Really think about your thank you message. See what resonates with you and use that,” she advises.

For guests with dietary requirements, another way to show you care is by ensuring that your chocolates cater to their individual needs. “We can provide a vegan [or]  gluten-free chocolate in the same foil colour, hand wrapped in the same wrapper as the other guests,” Dwyer explains. “And they will of course know it’s their own as it has their name printed on it.”

Likewise, Chocolate Lily is able to offer a range of flavours, so if you know a particular guest has a passion for, say hazelnut, then gifting them their favourite flavour could be a truly thoughtful addition to your bomboniere. “We have our chocolate place card bars made for us by a Perth chocolatier, so we are able to provide different flavours when required.” Dwyer notes further adding that, “[but] as couples are catering to a number of people at their wedding, we have found over many years of experience that the milk chocolate is overwhelmingly popular and the flavour of choice.”

Not Just Desserts

Another beautiful thing about opting for chocolate favours is the potential to tread lighter on the ecosystem compared to other bomboniere. Simply by opting for biodegradable or recyclable packaging will drastically reduce the negative impact your tokens will have on the environment. “It’s inspiring to see how many people want to take into consideration an eco-friendly guest favour,” Dwyer says. “Our packaging and stationery are almost completely fully recycled and recyclable. Chocolate Lily have several recycled paper options for both our place card bars and mini chocolates. The foil the chocolates are wrapped in is recyclable [too], and importantly, the gift goes in the guest’s belly, not landfill.”

Whether you’re a chocolate lover yourself, or simply want to share a gift that will go down a treat, opting for chocolate favours is an excellent way to show appreciation to your guests in a simple, yet heartfelt way. “It’s such a privilege to be a wedding supplier,” Dwyer concludes. “We are part of one of the most meaningful days in a person’s life and I’m truly grateful to be able to do this. I love the work I do and I always try to ensure my clients are happy, no matter what it takes. I wish all the couples a lifetime of happiness.”

Images courtesy of Chocolate Lily