etsy wedding rescue kit survival bag

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Written by Lucy Mackay


During the excitement of your big day, your guests are sure to forget something, or more than likely they’ll develop a blister or two from their fancy new shoes. There’s one little thing you can do in preparation for the wedding that would make their night – organising a handy survival kit!

You can either craft a basket or box of supplies and leave it in a discreet spot (such as in the restrooms), or you can even craft individual kits specifically for the girls and for the guys. Read on for our top five things to include in your guests’ wedding rescue kits.  

1. Pain Medication

A headache can strike at any point, and you don’t want it to get in the way of having fun. Include a packet of your preferred paracetamol in the kit; just make sure it’s out of reach of children.

2. Hair Products 

In case someone’s updo is toppling, include some bobby pins, clips, hairbands and hairspray for a quick repair job. For the gentlemen, add some hair gel or mousse.

3. Toiletries 

Add some sensitive deodorant (for guys and girls) for the energetic dancers; some makeup wipes for little touch-ups; tissues; tampons; wet wipes; lip balm; and dental floss.

4. Band-aids 

No wedding rescue kit would be complete without Band-aids! Many of your guests will be wearing fancy new shoes, and we all know what that means – blisters. Some regular Band-aids and some designed specifically for those nasty blisters where the back of your shoe rubs will definitely save someone’s night.

5. Phone Chargers

All too often, guests end up roving the reception venue asking everyone, including the staff, for a charger. Finding out that you’ve supplied a few spare chargers will be a blessing for your guests. You might want to put these near a power point rather than the restrooms. Including chargers for iPhone and Android should take care of most people.