From grand ballgowns, to alluring silhouettes and the ethereal elegance of a soft boho design, finding the perfect gown to fit your unique personality and ensure you look and feel like the diamond you are can be a journey of self-discovery. Here, Western Australia Wedding & Bride’s Amelia Mansell sits down with the owner and head stylist of Bridal by Aubrey Rose, Georgina Butterworth, to unveil the tricks of narrowing down the wide world of designs and styles to find that elusive dream dress that suits you both inside and out.

The search to find the gown that fulfils your wildest dreams can bring a stimulating mixture of excitement and trepidation, and with the onlooking eyes of your chosen nearest and dearest, may seem like a daunting process. But as they say, diamonds are made under pressure, and none bear witness to this journey to find the gown that will set the theme for your day more than your wedding stylists. “There is this moment when you can see in their eyes that they have found the one, they quite literally sparkle,” Butterworth says. “Sharing this tiny little moment that they will remember forever is so special and I absolutely love it.”

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Working closely with each and every bride who comes in search of their dream gown, Butterworth explains that as a stylist, the first step to narrowing down the overwhelming process of finding your dream dress is to nail down the style and fit the bride feels best in”, and from there “we can work through how we feel about the embellishments – do we like lace, do we like sparkle, do we like a train?” Taking each element of the design one step at a time, brides-to-be can thoughtfully consider their wants and desires and narrow down the sheer number of options – each of which seem to offer a different part of the dream you have been envisaging.

Having a healthy source of inspiration with you when you go to speak to the experts is one of the best ways to ensure that every party involved is on the same page when it comes to your personal style. “I love when a bride brings in some inspiration photos and we can combine elements of everything she is loving into her dress,” Butterworth says. Working from there, Butterworth and her team try to build out or “find a design we have in store that ticks off as many elements as possible”, constantly striving for the dream “eye sparkling” moment. “I genuinely love that moment in the fitting room, when it is just the bride looking at herself in complete awe when she finds the perfect dress.”  


For those brides looking for a gown that stands the test of time, the classic timeless look has found its clear position in the hallowed wardrobes of bridal fashion. From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton and Ariana Grande, the effortless statement made by a simple, elegant wedding gown that both shies current trends while still managing to set them, holds an entrancing power. “For me, your timeless looks are your most minimal,” Butterworth explains. “The striking look of a full crepe gown with a small button detail the length of the train, or your classic Mikado satin with the full skirt which holds its structure and is breathtaking for its simple understated elegance.” And paired with your jewellery, gorgeous veil, headpiece and “add a pop of colour with your florals, and a dress that may seem plain comes to life”.

A current trend that has founds its place in modern favour and is sure to bring an element of glamour to your wedding look is the use of bow details on the skirt or strap. Whether large or small, structural or embellishment, this design idea is a wonderful way to elevate a minimal design with little effort. And perfect for either an elegant gown or a showstopping jumpsuit, the simple bow is a powerful tool to blend in a touch of modern flavour and individuality into your wedding look and perhaps transport a dress from a maybe into a must.

Sleeves are another that have regained popularity, Butterworth unveils. Never truly banished from the ranks of wedding gowns, the use of sleeves is a weapon in the arsenal of every gown designer to add a stunning element that can transform even the simplest of dresses into a showstopping piece for the bride-to-be to wear with pride. For those who have already found their ideal gown – do not be deterred! Customisation allows sleeves to be a perfect and painless addition to your chosen gown, a small addition that ensures the dress is truly unique and individually yours. And the use of detachable sleeves is definitely one to consider, Butterworth recommends, as this custom feature not only gives the bride another option on the day but can “play into having a second look so easily”.


Despite the longstanding tradition of wearing white for your wedding, colourful wedding dresses are making a comeback amongst those brides-to-be wishing to establish their unique aesthetic upon their big day. Whether incorporating tantalising hints, or a bold statement, the use of colour can add a vivacious sense of life and personality to the celebration. Speaking on the success of this choice, Butterworth describes two custom dresses by Jonté Designs that Bridal by Aubrey Rose had completed, one in pink and the other in pale blue. “Both brides came in knowing they wanted colour, and we helped bring this to life with a custom lining colour and beadwork; two exquisite pieces that were so unique but absolutely on point for what the brides were dreaming of!”

For any brides-to-be struggling to find their ideal look, customisation can open a world of opportunities to find the design that fits you both inside and out. “The most rewarding part of any customisation work is the bride knows that the dress is entirely unique to her style,” Butterworth affirms. Having custom changes to your outfit can also ensure that beautiful yet unpractical features such as the scintillating leg slit can be made to fit the bride-to-be in question, and with designers who can walk you through “the sitting, standing, walking [and] dancing tests in store”, and perhaps even providing a video of how the dress moves on you, you can be assured of the perfect result.

The journey to finding the perfect wedding gown that will make you sparkle from the inside out can be a long one, so it is always recommended to give yourself as much time as possible, and of course – speak to the experts to see how they can help chip away at the world of options and uncover that ideal look that will ensure your special day is truly what dreams are made of.

Image courtesy of Bridal by Aubrey Rose